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Common Health Case Management
September 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM

My name is Lori Jackson and I am the case manager on duty at Common Health. I have a Master’s degree in Gerontology with a concentration in Professional Geriatric Care Management. I have extensive background in Long-Term Care Managed Care practices being a former employee of Humana; which involved coordinating the development of acute and long-term care plans for patients by meeting with patients, healthcare providers, and appropriate individuals to assess needs and integrate services required to effectively meet the patients skilled and unskilled services.  In my current role at Common Health, my goal is to target the facilities that have a high number of hospitalizations and to work with the medical staff at these facilities to assess the patients needs. I strongly believe that when a patient’s needs are met by having the proper services in place; this helps the patient to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, while also helping the patient to properly age in place.

A few Roles of Case Management

  1. Educating Staff at Assisted Living Facility on using the Premier MHS Triage for non-life-threatening matters; cutting down on over utilization of 911 calls.
  2. Assessing the patients in the community and collaborating with facility staff to implement services to best meet patients’ individual needs.
  3. Reviewing Admission and Discharge Summaries from Hospitals / Rehabilitation facilities to ensure that Post Discharge Orders are carried out in a timely fashion.
  4. Speaking with the patients / Power of Attorneys addressing any questions or concerns regarding plan of care in place.

Lori Jackson, BHSA, MA

I have successfully completed 26 Hours of Assisted Living Facility Core Training and have had extensive trainings on the following: quality of care, elder abuse training, emergency planning training, assisted living facility care planning, medication review, customers service, Alzheimer’s disease, disease management, cultural competency as well as safety and infection control.  Successfully obtained certification from the Department of Elder Affairs for using 701B assessment tool to conduct overall patient assessments on their health and Activities of Daily Living.