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Questions to Ask Before Choosing Primary Care for Seniors
February 12, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Deciding on primary care for seniors, especially selecting a doctor, is something to give a lot of attention and consideration. You want to choose the right doctor, one who can meet your needs and provide the appropriate level of care to help you stay healthy.

Common Health is here to help make that a simpler process with these questions that make it easier to realize if a primary care doctor is right for you.

Which doctors are within your health insurance network?

Before you begin considering doctors, it’s best to narrow the search down to only those who are within your health insurance network.

Whichever health insurance plan you’re on, make a list of geriatricians who are covered by the plan in your area.

This helps you spend your time better going forward since you’ll only be looking at doctors you can choose without incurring high premiums.

Are they able to treat your specific health conditions?

If you have any special health conditions, it may be best to consider a doctor who’s qualified and experienced in handling any related issues that may arise.

These are commonly referred to as board-certified doctors. They go through a further step to get certified by a board, confirming that they have the expertise to treat certain specialized cases.

There’s a database you can use to see if someone you’re thinking about choosing as your primary care doctor is qualified to help you with specific conditions that need special attention.

How far are they from you?

You may not be very keen on driving anymore, and commutes, too, may be something you’d much rather avoid. Especially when you’re feeling unwell, having your primary care doctor nearby can be a relief all on its own.

That’s why you should consider location when thinking about making your pick. And if you prefer more convenience, you may be better served by going for a doctor who does house calls.

Being able to see or visit the doctor easily is an important part for primary care for seniors, since it encourages you to make appointments for your physicals and other potentially preventive care that’s essential for maintaining your health.

Do they offer telemedicine?

Not all medical issues require a trip to the doctor’s office. When you’re experiencing something minor like a sinus infection or a cold, advice over the phone or through video call may be enough.

And the advantage is that you receive treatment in the comfort of your home.

Besides telemedicine, you may want to check for other online services that can help you have a more convenient experience. These can include the ability to change your appointment time or ask for a refill.

What has been the experience of others?

Knowing the experience others have had with a doctor you’re considering can help you realize what their strengths are, and if they align with the type of care you need.

You may also discover some details of their practice that don’t reflect your expectations, steering you to a primary care doctor who more closely matches your needs.

You can find this out through Physician Compare and other review sites such as Health Grades and Vitals.

Are you looking for primary care for seniors?

The right primary care for seniors is crucial for both long-term health and comfort.

Common Health makes comprehensive care a priority through services such as 24/7 care teams, in-home visits and telemedicine.

Whatever aspect of your health is on your mind now, including finding the right doctor, we want to help. Call us at (877) 465-4494 or fill out this online form for us to reach out to you.